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kro by AustenMengler

I must say,this is one of your more impressive pieces of work. While the concept of half man half crow has been done lots and lots of t...

Magic is dead by akreon
by akreon

welp,this is my first try at critique,so please forgive the noobyness i really enjoy this piece,the lighting is excellent,especially on...



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
"I don't express to impress,I impress because i express"

What can i say about myself?A lot,but I will refrain from doing so.I am a Surinamese digital artist.I post fantasy,horror,fanart (None of that silly yaoi or yuri or whatever it is you young whippersnappers like to dilly and dally on about)and the occasional science fiction if i'm in the mood for it.Critique is always welcome (But,please,make it constructive) And no,do not ask me for money unless you throw in "Monopoly" in that sentence.If you should use my artwork anywhere outside or in Deviantart,please leave proper credit to the artist.


Immortal Fist Fight by OTKMan1995
Immortal Fist Fight
" I remember,many centuries ago.The stories my father told me when I was a hatchling.
  Stories of the Immortals,and their legendary battles.How they would beat the utter living hell out of one another to rule over the mortals.
  It seemed a little pointless.After it was all said and done sometimes there wouldn't be much of a kingdom to rule over.

 My favorite?Well,that's a tough pick.But I have to say the brawl between that giant mountain of a droman Thailog and Pyran was easily the most epic"

Some Droman Lore.

Drawn in Gimp
With an Intuos Tablet
Genesis V2 by OTKMan1995
Genesis V2

Atrox,or known to his people as “The Progenitor”,is a large deity with immense strength and power that exceeds mere combat skill or brute force.

As his name suggest,he is the essential life giver.Like a gardener mulching his garden so his flowers can blossom. Atrox birthed the life on his planet by fertilizing the dead earth and oceans with his immortal blood.From the lifeless soil sprung vegetation that provided the oxygen.From the waters came small creatures that evolved to adapt to the new world.

One in particular was his pride and joy;Dromans. While at the time small and struggling at the lower end of the food chain,No bigger than poultry.Atrox stood back and let time take its course and let them develop on their own.

But the small creatures seemed doomed to live in the shadows of the larger beasts and as time went by and no progress was being made,The Progenitor decided to Intervene (Second genesis).Taking out his massive scythe.The Progenitor slit open both his palms and released his blood into the water supply.The small theropodic creatures drank from the blood tainted rivers.Gaining an increase in Intelligence and size.Becoming more like their creator.

This would lead to great attainment and a great undoing in the long run.

Part of my story.A remake of This

So i finally decided to man up and get myself a Tumblr Account.
So here you folks go.My Tumblr

What can we expect from this?
WIP sketches of a piece before it gets uploaded to this site,"Redux" versions of some of my art (Alternates or enhanced version or maybe even remakes).Also,you get to ask me anything you want (If the question is too juvenile I won't answer,just a heads up.).

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Why thank you,good sir! (Even though the cuteness wasn't intentional)
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